Halo Belt – A Bright Entrepreneurial Idea

HALO is a San Francisco based company, started by Vincent Ng and his business partner, with a goal of merging safety, fashion, and culture into an essential everyday product. It is the “World’s First LED Safety Belt”. The strength and appeal of this unique belt lies in the people who believe in the product with financial backing, and this has certainly been the case. 

To get this idea off the ground and develop the product, Vincent and his designing sidekick used the Kickstarter website to raise an original amount of $5,000 US dollars. This was achieved within 5 days and now people have pledged nearly $60,000.


Vincent says ” HALO was designed originally as a sport safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. “We wanted to create world’s first multi-purpose illuminating LED sport safety belt that also looks good. The great thing about HALO is it looks like an ordinary everyday belt.

One of the most obvious uses of the belt is for cycling – more often than not, bike lights are stolen off the bicycle itself and reflectors only show visibility when a light source is projected onto it. However, with HALO, LED lighting emits through thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optics utilizing a greater surface area of visibility. HALO creates illumination with a simple design and it always stays on the owner because it acts as an ordinary belt.


However, HALO isn’t only limited to biking, it can be used in a variety of different ways, from changing a tire on the side of the road, jogging at night, crossing the street, or even as a fashion statement at parties/raves its overall purpose is for visibility. It can also be used as marketing promotions for different companies or sports teams “

The HALO is powered by LEDs that emits lighting through a custom designed thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optic. The TPU fiber optic is then in-housed in premium structured polyester/nylon belt with a quicksnap release buckle.

The battery life can last up to 75 non-consecutive hours depending on the flash mode. If it is on solid mode, It last for about 20 hours straight. It has the same battery life of most bike lights.

You can click the HALO logo to turn On, Strobe, Flash, Solid, and Off. It is located about 3″ inches from the QuickSnap buckle. HALO uses standard CR2025 batteries and are relatively cheap (about $1-3USD)


For further info go to Halo’s page:  www.facebook.com/halobelt


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