Low Budget Lead – Jason Lau’s Documentary

Inspired by a life-changing exchange abroad, Jason Francis Lau from Manchester created this unique point of view documentary. This is his story and personal point of view of a British born Chinese way of life. Embracing and being open of his experiences and endeavours, he creates an upbeat account of a pivotal time in his life. Like many Chinese born in the UK, Jason has created his own identity and pathways in his life.

Although the documentary wasn’t professionally made, it is nevertheless both gripping and unpredictable, it seems something is always about to happen in this active young person’s life – the ultimate feel-good experience.

Jason says ” I am a part time film maker and I was inspired by to make a video of the British Chinese community in relation to multiculturalism during my student years at university. This video shows multiculturalism in grass roots form and I hope that it breaks some stereotypes. The primary purpose of this video is to document life from a BBC’s point of view and I hope it will inspire others to do the same too. It is important that we as British Chinese express our own views of ourselves and I hope it contrasts to the mainstream view of Chinese in Britain. I want to erase the mainstream label of the Invisible Minority from our community. I take pride in contributing to the community in all forms ” .

View the full length documentary below 

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