iPhone Alarm Clock issue fixed today.

Apple said that the alarm clock problem will be fixed today. On New Year’s day and January 2nd 2011, we have had readers sending in comments from all over the UK and even Hong Kong saying the alarm on their iPhone failed to go off making them late for work and various other appointments.

While on the subject of Apple phones we are pleased to show you some high end stuff made by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool. Taking it to the ultimate level, he transforms these technological gadgets by ‘blinging’ them up with gold and diamonds to create masterpieces in their own right.

Product has to be genuine, never to project an illusion

Born in 1971 in the vibrant city of Liverpool, England a place famous for all aspects of creativity and innovation including the Arts, Music and of course Football, Stuart Hughes began to gather all the city’s success stories to begin his own. Along with his wife Katherine Hughes he started to get the wheels in motion in forming Goldstriker International which was the backbone for creating these wonderful exclusive new projects. The items has to be unique with very high attention to detail even down to the handmade boxes to house such beauty.
Stuart’s exquisite idea for design and Katherine’s sheer eye for beauty the production began. The idea simple in letting the technology embrace luxury. The layout has to be genuine, never to project an illusion most importantly in the strict non use of computer generated images.

The iphone 4 Diamond Queen Edition is yet another masterpiece from the Stuart Hughes collection. The whole surrounding frame is encrusted with over 8.5cts of ‘IF’ flawlwess diamonds, individually set sparkling gems.The rear section houses beautiful solid Platinum and Diamond Apple logo. Combining the splendid design of the 4 iphone, with the magical radiance of diamonds, has created an exquisite work of art. There is no finer, purer, or rarer gem than the diamond. Celebrate your individuality with the Diamond iphone. The handset is 32gb ,factory unlocked for worldwide use. Price £18,995.
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