YouTube Superstar Bubzbeauty

Bubzbeauty is a YouTube superstar. She has hundreds of millions of uploaded views for her beauty channel and also over 20 million views for her comedy channel ‘Bubbiosity’. Born in Belfast UK, this makes her one of the most famous British born Chinese in the world. With her cuteness appeal, creativity and sense of humour, it’s easy to understand.


Recently she has reached a landmark achievement of having half a million subscribers on YouTube making the channel one of the most subscribed of all time in the UK, and over 300,000 ‘likes’ on her official Facebook page

Nee Hao Magazine’s editor, Steven Ip talks to Bubzbeauty aka Lindy Tsang to take a closer look at the girl behind the videos.

Have you worked in a Chinese take-away before?

Of course!! Which British Born Chinese hasn’t? Haha. Yes I’ve helped out at my parents takeaway/restaurant ever since I was 12 years old. I did everything from answering phone calls, serving customers, waitressing, bar-tendering, frying chicken balls to mopping up.

When did you start making videos and many views did you first have?

I made my first video just over 2 years ago on my Beauty Channel ‘Bubzbeauty’. It took around a month to gain 1,000 views or something.

Where does your inspiration come from in making these videos?

Well for my Beauty Channel, I get inspiration from absolutely anything. I don’t necessarily get inspiration just from the catwalk. I can be inspired by people I meet and the nature around me. As for my comedy channel ‘Bubbiosity’, I get LOTS of inspiration from my family. People often tell me my family is crazy and weird. Being in Hong Kong- I see crazy things happen everyday which also inspires my skit videos. Who can forget Stephen Chow’s good old classic comedies?

Are you surprised that your videos have been so popular?

Yes! It was just a little hobby at first, and my interest in Beauty turned into a real passion. As for the comedy channel, I am totally baffled about the amount of people who like to watch me ‘stuff my crotch’.

What is involved in making one of your videos?

It depends which channel I’m working on. I find that Beauty videos are a lot easier since everything is done spontaneously. For my comedy channel I can spend weeks writing the script. It can take days for me to film the scenes and edit the footage.

One of the videos from the Bubbiosity comedy channel on YouTube

What do your family and friends think of your videos?

Sometimes they laugh at how much time I spend in front of the computer or camera but at the end of the day they are very supportive.

How do you cope with being famous? Do you get recognised a lot?

Haha I wouldn’t say I’m famous. Maybe slightly more well known on YouTube? Now that I’m in Hong Kong; it’s not too bad since it’s not as popular as it is in the UK, US, Australia etc. For some reason when I’m in places with lots of Asians  my fans often come up for a hug or a photo which is great. I love giving hugs!!

Do you get any weird fan mail?

Anything is possible through the web. I think the weirdest is probably a proposal? One time I received a letter (plus a newspaper clipping of myself) from a supporter and I had no idea how she got my address.

Can you give any advice to shy people?

As cheesy as it sounds, just be yourself! Smile and be positive. Whatever you give out it will come back. It’s important to have faith in not only people but also yourself. Believe in yourself and try not to compare yourself to others. A lot of times we are driven by guilt, anger, past or even other people’s expectations that we forget to live life for ourselves.

Any tips on how to make a funny video for upcoming YouTubers?

Well definitely have fun because you want your audience to know you enjoy what you do. It’s always a good thing to make a video that people can relate to. Remember that it’s all for laughs so don’t worry too much on how you’ll look. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Some people find it easier to work with their mates while some people need to work alone. I’ve realised that inspiration has to come to you, so on days when I’m really lacking ideas; I just go for a walk or watch some TV for inspiration.


What do you like doing in your spare time, how do you relax?

Whenever the World seems to be moving too fast for me, I just play my favourite song and paint. I really think it’s the simple things in life that keeps it upstanding. I have always been an arty girl so I like to get crafty.

What is your favourite Chinese food?

Anything made by my granny. She makes the best soup!! I love traditional Chinese cuisine.

Have you been approached by film production houses to make a film?

I have been approached by a number of production companies such as BBC and Warner Brothers to work on projects but never films. I would love to work in a film! That would be so much fun!

There are a few imposters out there of you, how can your fans differentiate between them and the official you?

As long as my supporters know who the real Bubz is then that is all that matters. These are the people who know me.

What future projects are there in the pipeline?

I may return back to UK in the near future but who knows? Unfortunately- I always have to turn down offers due to me being in Hong Kong but everything happens for a reason. I am launching beauty items on the Bubbi online store soon, so hopefully new beginnings. Only time will tell.

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