Japanese electric car manufacturer GLM to unveil new supercar in Paris




The international automotive show “Mondial de l’Automobile”, soon taking place in Paris, will welcome for the first time car manufacturer GLM for its official début overseas.

The participation of the ground-breaking Japanese electric automanufacturer will mark a turning point for the whole automotive industry. Since its foundation in 2010 as a spinoff of Kyoto University’s advanced electric vehicle project, fast growing new company GLM has committed to research and develop exciting cutting-edge electric vehicles of tomorrow under one fundamental principle: where unfathomable is possible.

In 2012, GLM was the first EV company to be recognized as auto manufacturer in Japan with national certification, bringing world famous Japanese tradition in car manufacturing to a new level.

From that moment on, GLM has implied all of its resources to test, design and produce electric vehicles reaching further engineering advancements in EV technology.

After years of continuous R&D and improvement on its technical capabilities, GLM unveils its own distinctive innovation applied to EV technology: a totally new concept car qualifying as the high-end electric car – GLM G4.

The luxurious sporty EV, launching a totally new line of vehicles category, has been conceived in partnership with Savage Rivale(SR) Dutch design house. This collaboration, based on the strong belief of offering products with new and innovative concepts to the world, has recently led to partial equity acquisition of the famous design company by GLM.

In efficiency, performance, environmental protection, mechanics and technology, electric vehicles are the automotive future. Global consumers increasingly demand exhilarating and distinctive electric cars offering unique value, but find few options”, says Hiroyasu Koma, GLM CEO.

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