Jobs: British Chinese Project Community Manager – Birmingham

Job Role: Community Project Manager – Birmingham

£7,000 – £10,000 per annum, plus optional bonus

Part time, Contract, Flexible Hours

Initial one year position

British Chinese Project are a non-profit charity, a national organisation aimed at improving political representation and participation of the Chinese Community in the UK, standing against discrimination and supporting the work of local Chinese community organisations and community centres.


This position is in Birmingham. 

What the job entails:

To grow the Birmingham regional office and team. Recruit, lead & manage a group of interns and volunteers.

Work includes supporting Chinese community leaders, police and charitable organisations, Chinese community centres, local authorities, on projects that are in line with our overall objectives.

Organising community outreach events and fundraising activities.

Bringing their passion for the Chinese community & betterment of the community for the future.

You will be making a real and lasting difference to the lives of people and the British Chinese Community.

Skills required:

Knowledge of the British Chinese community (Essential).

Leadership & team management skills (Essential).

Reliable, self-sufficient and independent (Essential).

Excellent grasp of English and Cantonese / Mandarin (Essential).

Good written and oral communication skills.

Belief and passion for the work we are doing, a commitment to make a difference for the Chinese Community in the UK, determination and positive outlook.

To apply:-

Please send Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] 

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