Yauatcha London launches moon cakes to celebrate one of China’s oldest traditions

To celebrate one of the oldest and most respected traditions in the Chinese calendar – the Mid-Autumn Festival – Yauatcha will be serving moon cakes on their menus from 1st August to 15th September.

Yauatcha has created a signature moon cake to mark the occasion – a sweet pastry exterior with a thick, Chinese custard filling. Traditional moon cakes feature a lotus seed filling however the restaurant has created a modern take on the filling for this classic cake whilst still retaining the traditional shape.

Launching in the eighth month – an auspicious date due to eight being a lucky number in China – these small Chinese pastries are spherical in shape to represent the full moon and unity. They are traditionally offered as gifts during the eighth month of the Chinese calendar when the moon is considered to be at its roundest – the Chinese used to worship the mountain gods under the full moon once the harvest was complete. A respected part of the country’s cultural heritage, the festival originated before 1000BC and to this day celebrates the gathering of friends and family, thanksgiving and prayer. 


Yauatcha is a Chinese dim sum teahouse offering an all day dining experience. Launched in 2004 in the heart of Soho, Yauatcha gained immediate critical acclaim and received its Michelin star within a year of opening which it continues to maintain. 



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