KO – British born Chinese from Manchester releases Christmas song

Christmas 2017 has arrived and with it comes the same old Christmas songs of the ye old days. The UK chart is filled with the obvious XFactor entries and most recent daytime game show hosts releasing crooner albums ‘covering’ and most of the time ‘murdering’ a Nat King Cole classic.

Don’t get me wrong the chart is currently full of talent but where is the diversity? KO, an unsigned artist whose musical career kicked off over 5 years ago starring in the West End musical Thriller Live is flying the flag for diversity within the UK Christmas chart.

KO a British born half Chinese, half English solo vocalist from Manchester has created and released a refreshing take on a Christmas pop song with the help from up and coming London based producer Segun Fawole.

The Song which is named Christmas Wish has all the festive cheer, loving lyrics and an infectious, catchy beat that is set to get your toes tapping even if you defiantly resist.

KO having successfully reached the boot camp stages on XFactor in 2010 and sustaining a 5-year career on the infamous West End theatre strip states.

“I’m so passionate about my music and I have worked hard to explore avenues in order to gain interest in my work” He adds “when things don’t work out for me I see failure as a learning curve and try to develop myself to be better, although at times in my experience I have found it difficult to get noticed over others and can’t help wondering is this because of my race?”

This statement comes from noticing the lack of East Asian talent within the entertainment industry and after researching, noticing that there are numerous BBC’S (British born Chinese) filmmakers, actors, musicians, dancers and artists that are labouring to get noticed with little success.

KO explains “there is so much talent out there including many up and coming entertainment professionals within the BBC community, at times I have felt more Chinese than British even though I was born in Manchester and have lived in the UK all my life.”

The Song (Christmas Wish) is available to download/stream on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify now. 

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