Korean boy band TOPP DOGG London gig

TOPP DOGG; A twelve member Korean boy band will finally hold their very first showcase tour with a date in London this September! The talented boy band debuted in 2013 with the song, “Say It” from their debut album, “Dogg’s Out.”

Topp Dogg has sparked a lot of the public’s interest since the very beginning of their debut. The group’s successful entrance into the industry has led to multiple repackaged albums and several new releases. Aside from holding a record title of 12 members, much like their industry senior worldwide star group Super Junior, Topp Dogg is well-known for their powerful dance routines, charismatic on-stage performances, and extremely catchy songs. A trait which helped fortify Topp Dogg’s status as one of the quickly rising idol rookies of K-Pop. 

Organiser Jazzy Group brings TOPP DOGG to London as part of their very first showcase tour on the back of strong demand from the British Chinese and East Asian community.

Catch them on September 4th, 2015: Troxy,  London, United Kingdom


Click here for ticket info
Click here for ticket info

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