Luxury brand opens the largest Montblanc in Beijing

Montblanc goes better and bigger with a ’boutique in a world’ at their Sanlitun concept store in Beijing.  The luxury brand , is opening one of the world’s most impressive and innovative stores, with the launch of its impressive, four-storey interactive boutique. 

Housed in vast new premises, this is the largest Montblanc boutique anywhere in the world and by far the brand’s most audacious, creative and technologically interactive concept store yet. Its classy interiors embody all that Montblanc loyalists have come to love and expect upon every visit – sleek, beautifully presented displays, with corners of creativity to inspire and delight.

Visitors are invited to take an audio-operated guided tour through the experience upon arrival, which is delivered via a handheld electronic device. A guiding narrator sets them off on a path of discovery. From then on they are treated to an interactive journey through time and space, with entertaining displays of innovation at every turn, including video-installed interactive ‘Time Capsules’, virtual reality devices and a real red carpet experience. The end result is a luxury boutique experience set on a whole new level.


Interactive experiences aside, the 4-storey building will house the full spectrum of Montblanc’s luxury collections. From its ever-growing range of genuine Swiss timepieces, to writing instruments, leather, jewellery and accessories. Everything the Montblanc devotee could wish for, under one vast roof.

“We are very excited to be unveiling such a groundbreaking concept store in Beijing, China.” said James Siano, CEO for Montblanc in Asia. “With the opening of Montblanc Sanlitun Concept Store, we are looking forward to bringing the world-class shopping experience for Chinese luxury consumers. Montblanc’s commitment to China is unquestionable. We are offering a unique opportunity to interact with the brand, to experience more about the story that Montblanc wants to tell.”

The new concept store further reinforces the commitment the brand are making to market in China. Having entered the market in 1992, by 2008, China became the largest market in the world for Montblanc, and it now operates 93 boutiques across China, with 43 of these being wholly owned, including the recently launched large new boutique in Guangzhou. The ubiquitous white star logo which adorns all Montblanc’s stylish accessories and hand-made goods is by now instantly recognisable to luxury consumers in China.

For over 100 years, Montblanc has embraced the traditions of lasting value and exquisite craftsmanship. The company’s uncompromising principles of design, style, quality and workmanship have allowed them to create heirloom collections that are passed from generation to generation. The iconic Montblanc emblem is a symbol of excellence – the pinnacle of luxury writing instruments, timepieces, jewellery, leather, fragrances and sunglasses – and the brand has made an enduring commitment to encourage excellence through cultural advancement. Montblanc has its roots in writing culture and therefore sees a particular obligation to its own cultural commitment. Through various international activities, the company makes a creative contribution to modern cultural life: Montblanc itself writes a small piece of cultural history.

From our media partners Sidhu-and-Simon, Mayfair London
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