Luxury in London: Paradise Found in Thai Square Spa

A real gem of a find, Thai Square Spa helps even the most stubbornly stressed bodies unwind to soothing therapies, scents of fragrant flowers, and delicate teas. Escape to a tropical paradise as this luxurious enclave captures your imagination and eases your mind into a lofty, meditative state. 


Review by Yinsey Wang 

My first trip to the spa was excellent; in fact, I had not braced myself for the visual delight that royally awaited me. The décor was sophisticated and enticing, with picturesque statues, intricate Thai pieces, beautifully arranged orchids and textured walls. The warm and mild lighting was soothing to the eye, creating a natural serenity.


Greeted efficiently by polite and friendly receptionists, I was taken downstairs to see my beauty and massage therapist. I was met with a warm smile, as well as a fresh robe and pair of slippers to change into. I found the changing room a little small, but it was clean and elegant.

Whisked away to the therapy room, I was excited about having my first Seven Pollen Facial of which comprises of a power-packed but gentle fusion of seven Thai flowers. I was served a delicious Jasmine tea and had my feet washed with odorous pink petals. After, I was asked to lie down, the lights were dimmed, and my treatment began. Sweet-smelling mixtures were delicately applied to my face, neck and shoulders; some had exfoliating properties, others had deeply nourishing qualities. I was pressed with steaming towels to open my pores after each application of the facial mixtures; the heat was stimulating and relaxing. How wonderful it was to discover that my facial included a mini full body massage! I felt my aches loosen and my tension targeted as the therapist worked on my legs, arms and head. My usual conversational self suddenly faded away as I was lulled into a heavenly half-slumber.


Upon completion, I made my way slowly to comfortable loungers, only to be swiftly provided with another tempting cup of tea. After the experience, I felt that my skin felt smoother and less dry. It had been irritated by the constantly changing weather and I was grateful for the immediate effects of the treatment. It was an invigorating and refreshing start to my afternoon despite the gloomy London showers. Probably the most exciting thing to happen to the London spa scene in recent years, this temple-like sanctuary is highly recommended.

Situated on Shelton Street, just a few minutes’ walk away from the hustle and bustle of the Covent Garden centre, Thai Square Spa boasts an offering of tantalising treats that could prove irresistible to anyone in need of a pampering.

Seven Pollen Facial (1 hour): £80.

Thai Square Spa

25 Shelton Street
40 Earlham Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9HW

Opening hours:

Monday –Thursday: 9am – 9pm
Friday: 9am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Tel: 020 7240 6090



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