Manchester Yellows wins UKASA Cup

The  UK Asian Sports Association put on a  good show on May 1st 2010 in Nottingham, and it lived up to its billing of being one of the largest sporting events for Chinese people in the UK.


Nee Hao Magazine brings you the photos and results from the football competition which was won by Manchester Yellows who had an emphatic victory and didn’t concede a single goal in all the games they played on their journey to lifting the  gold trophy.

UKASA Nottingham 2010 Football winners: Manchester Yellows who beat the Sheffield Prowlers 2-0 in the final.

Photo by Sami Hau and Kelly Hau

Group A

NTU A 1 v 0 Kent
MU 0 v 1 Manchester Yellows
NTU A 1 v 0 Sheffield Prowlers
Kent 0 v 0 MU
Manc Yellows 0 v 0 Sheffield Prowlers
NTU A 0 v 1 MU
Kent 0 v 0 Manchester Yellows
MU 0 v 1 Sheffield Prowlers
Kent 1 v 0 Sheffield Prowlers
1. Manchester Yellows – 8 Points
2. NTU A – 6 Points
3. Kent – 5 Points
4. Sheffield Prowlers – 4 Points
5. MU – 4 Points


NTU B 0 v 0 Aston
Lboro CSSA 0 v 0 NTU C
NTU B 2 v 0 NU
Aston 0 v 0 Lboro CSSA
NTU C 2 v 1 NU
NTU B 0 v 1 Lboro CSSA
Aston 0 v 1 NTU C
Lboro CSSA 0 v 1 NU
NTU B 5 v 3 NTU C
Aston 1 v 0 NU
1. NTU B – 7 Points
2. NTU C – 7 Points
3. Aston – 4 Points
4. Lboro CSSA – 4 Points
5. NU – 3 Points


Manc Yellows 2 v 0 Lboro CSSA
Prowlers 3 v 2 NTU B
NTU A 0 v 1 Aston
Kent 2 v 1 NTU C


Manc Yellows 0 v 0 Aston (Manc Yellows won 2-1 on penalties)
Sheffield Prowlers 1 v 0 Kent


Kent 1 v 0 Aston


Manchester Yellows 2 v 0 Sheffield Prowlers

Jason ‘Riceman’ Yip one of the organisers said ” it was a great day in the name of sport. We had a good turn out for football, basketball and badminton, we hope to use this as a platform to create more events and tournaments in the future. Well done to Manchester Yellows for winning the football competition and they were up against some pretty tough teams, and I would like to thank on behalf of the UKASA all the people that took part regardless of the results”.

Andy Lee of the Manchester Yellows said ” we enjoyed the day of competitive football and would like to thank the organisers who put on a good show. Well done to the lads Kev Ma, Phil Ma, Alan Lee, Just Tom, Tony Wong, Babz Yeung, Gary Wong, Joe Wan, Ed Chan. We played a lot of good teams today and it was good to see so many skillful Chinese footballers, who are either British born, from HK or China all playing with a good spirit. Our next stop will be in Bristol sometime in July to challenge for the British Association Confederations Cup”.

Nee Hao Magazine will be uploading the basketball and badminton results as we get them from UKASA and if you participated in this event or you have photos please send them in to us via e-mail:  [email protected]

Check out the Facebook page of UKASA for details of further sporting activities.

You can also check out on Facebook the British Association Confederations Cup page who are trying to unite all Chinese football teams in the name of sport and also for kicking racism out of football, and promoting a British Chinese footballer playing in the English Premier league.

Nee Hao Magazine is currently in discussions with the FA of England to discuss various ideas and concepts, so please give us your full support and let us know your opinions on footballing matters.

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