Guzheng Cover: Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine

Check out this cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine by Michelle Kwan, a guzheng player from Vancouver, Canada. The guzheng is a Chinese instrument belonging to the zither family, regarded as one of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments according to documents recorded in the Qin dynasty (before 206 BC).

Michelle says: “I’ve been playing the instrument for 12 years. After spending numerous years playing classical music, I decided to venture out and use the guzheng to play other genres. I’ve also been experimenting using guitar pedals (distortion, delay, wah, chorus, etc.) on the guzheng.

我玩各种乐器至少12年. 多年来一直弹奏古典乐曲的我决定尝试用古筝演绎不同的风格. 我还用吉它踏板在古筝上做很多的试验, 很有趣!”


Here is the original Guns N’ Roses Song 

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