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Mimi Pie Lives in South Wales UK and originally from Malaysia. She came to the UK to study a law degree. She is the author of her blog which is read by thousands of people both in the UK and Malaysia. She likes to chat a lot about clothes, food, relationships  (and also bitch about some people too) in her blog.

Nee Hao invites Mimi to write about some stuff
I was invited to write for Nee Hao a month and a half ago. I’ve been so busy with other stuff like cooking, shopping, working and travelling. Duh, obviously I got no time right?. Up till now that is.
If I try to be myself, I’ll most likely swear half the time in this article. So I’m better off just talking about myself.

In yer face!

I’m writing  (I guess) as a blogger? Oh so am I finally making my mark to kick off my career of never ending rants and talking about myself and hopefully make some money out of it? Ha!
Perhaps. Hey, I do get loads of perks as a result of blogging. No kidding.
Well, even if I don’t, at least I have the last say right here, right now no matter what, no? *in your face bitches*  Jokes aside.
I feel kinda honoured to be approached and invited to be part of a good thing like this. Being Chinese, and being able to have a say.
One thing I learnt about being out there is that not everyone will like you. And, hey I say f*** that. Who cares about what they think.
As a former overseas student from Malaysia, I’ve been invited to host numerous Chinese parties in the UK, (that’s how I started party planning anyway!) and was a guest speaker for a multi-culture show at the local radio station for the accomplishment made by the team I was leading throughout 2008/2009.

“I’m a curious bitch and love to challenge myself no matter how afraid I may be”.

Now that I’ve been there and done that, I’m done with party planning unless a super great offer comes around of course. I’m sure that’s because age has finally caught up with me? *tries to shake bootie*
No. If it wasn’t for the stress ball, I’ll be mad by now. It was downright stressful when I had so much on my plate. That being said, I’m glad I did it and am thankful to everyone who’s given me these opportunities. I met some really great people doing events.

Start from Zero

I started from zero. Let’s just say, I started writing for only two friends and suddenly I have thousands of people reading it now. When I first started writing, I had to blackmail my house-mates to read it. Really. *now don’t give me that disapproving look of yours*

It’s nice to get e-mails saying how much I’ve inspired them and how they have been following my blog ever since it started. I’m so touched. It started to become a little mad when people at parties would come to me and introduce themselves and comment about things I have blogged about. I can’t say I don’t like it and am quite flattered!
That really encouraged me to write more about my thoughts and feelings and of course random crap such as what I ate today etc.

Keep it real!

I don’t know what the future may bring and what I’ll write tomorrow. It’s always gonna be some random fun stuff if not some hate posts to some biatch.
I can’t recall how many times the editor has asked me to KEEP IT REAL. And I guess I have KEPT IT REAL
Till the next time!
Peace out
Mimi xxx

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