Miz Zee Shanghai Model

Being the daughter of a professor of mathematics and also very academic herself Miz Zee has brains as well as style. She models for fun.

Zee is from the Hunan province and now lives, works and parties in Shanghai. She talks to Nee Hao.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In my youth, I watched a lot of animation shows, and the themes and ideas within them dug deep into me, I also had a passion for drawing, so designing would eventually become my forte. I was born and raised in a military university for 17 years, so I was exposed to the military way of life in my most influential years, particularly the clothing, combined with the exposure of images in my youth, I began to mix a lot of these things together, in my mind I could create unusual styles.
As for inspiration; Eden Muse and Perish are the finest alternative models in my opinion, their creative output really spoke to me and I was shocked and amazed by their ideas.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

Mainly short & tight dresses or skirts
“A Skirt should be like a paragraph, long enough to cover a subject, but short enough to keep things interesting”

How would you describe your style?

Style and trends have always seemed a bit  taboo to me, I prefer to remain alienated from conformity within styles, I believe this frame of mind is suitable for the designer who wishes to make a difference and stand out, rather than imitate. If I am to follow a style, it is for study and eventually i will use the idea to create my own styles.

Have you done any work in Europe? Are there any differences?

I have been to 4 cities in Germany where I have done photo-shoots. Some of the sessions gave me only a day or even just a couple of hours for preparation, but this was down to the professional approach by the organisers, and they were so focused and serious about the shoot, which impressed me greatly.
My favourite shoot was with Gili Shani, the time we had for this was very short, as we had to do 4 sets of shoots on top of a building within a 3 hour time limit, however, he knew exactly what he wanted and how to achieve the results, I felt an understanding between Gili and myself, as the photographs he took turned out to be some of my best yet, and there wasn’t any need for verbal advice, we simply forgot the surroundings,and fired the shots. I believe he really had an eye for what he saw and I could see the vision too. When I saw the pictures, I was astonished, he really showed me his talent as a photographer & artist.

“Go Straight to what you really want, and the art will take care of itself”

What do you do to relax?

I find its very easy to relax, I am very easy going, and find many things therapeutic, but mainly massages, reading and going to the gym.

What is your favourite food?

Since I was 16, I was always away from home and very rarely went back, so any home-made food from my parents is the best ever to me.

How long does it take you to get ready when you go out to party?

An hour or so, depending on what kind of party I am attending, dressing up in costume usually takes longer.

There are a lot of perverse and psychotic people out there, do you think you have a similar sort of mind so you can understand them better?

I believe all artists share a similar attribute and philosophy, that within their darkest moments, they can see a more clearer creative vision, even within the realms of the perverse or psychotic elements of a person that show they are really in touch with their character, and thus they will really know what they want to achieve.
Fundamentally I believe I can get involved with people with such a frame of mind, because overall, I am in touch with myself too, and am willing to push the boundaries to get the results I see in my mind.

Are there any artists you wish to work with in an alternative circle?
Too many to name, the world is a cornucopia of talent, some that I frequently interact with, but there are differences and the current state of affairs in the world makes us drift apart. Particular photographers I want to work with are Dan Santoni, Jamais Vu & Destroy INC. There are many more that I could name who I wish to collaborate with..
Also, Alifiere, who has taken some of Edens best pictures, incorporates a ‘dangerous’ feel into his shots.
He told me ”I already have the one in mind I want.. but its too dangerous. I will save it for you..you very well may die, but i will use a fast lens so, if you do.. we will get shots of the fall..”
…And i feel I am totally ready for this.
As for other models, I wish to work with Eden and Perish, to me, this would be a dream come true.

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