National Dumpling Day in Chinatown London

Celebrate National Dumpling Day on 26th September 2017 in Chinatown London.

With so many restaurants to choose from, dumpling lovers can sample a delectable range of authentic Chinese dumplings, beautifully crafted, steamed, pan-fried or served in a delicious broth.


Chinatown London is a melting pot of culinary diversity, from traditional dumpling recipes to modern twists and fantastic fusion flavours. Below is a selection of restaurants in the area and insider tips on what to order.

Watch the chefs demonstrate their culinary skills at Dumplings’ Legend’s glass-fronted dumpling kitchen, before sampling their speciality Xiao long bao (steamed Jiangnan soup Dumplings), Sichuan Wontons and Sui Mai (open dumplings). Similarly, if you’re lucky enough to pass Jen Café at the right time, you can watch its speciality spicy-pork-and-vegetable filled Beijing Dumplings being lovingly crafted in the window.


For expertly made Har Gow (Cantonese for “shrimp dumpling) and Chiu Chow Fun Gor (eastern Guandong dumplings) head to Orient London.

Those in the know, say the secret to a great dumpling is the quality and fineness of the rice-flour encasing/skin. This is why Feng Shui Inn’s dumplings stand out. Translucent yet firm, their gossamer-light skin lets the flavoursome, neatly-stuffed fillings speak for themselves. For another traditional Chinatown experience head to the very popular and long-standing Golden Dragon to sample unique chef specialties including its knock-out Prawn and Winter Melon Soup Dumplings – micro parcels of prawn submerged in a clear, mushroom-sprinkled, tasty broth.


Experimental diners can opt for Sweet Potato Taro dumplings at newly opened XU, or give Plum Valley’s luxurious Grilled Goose Fois Gras dumplings a whirl. For the perfect evening out, mix dumplings with cocktails and dig into Opium’s delicious Seabass & Fennel dumplings or Char Siu Bao Cantonese BBQ pork buns. Alternatively, order a dim sum platter to try them all.


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