The Mooncakes of the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

Continuing his quest for taste and inspired by the nocturnal star, Pierre Hermé gives free rein to his creativity to reinterpret Mooncakes this year with a set of 4 new flavours.

With this Mooncake collection, Pierre Hermé delivers yet another interpretation of his Signature flavour combinations: Praliné & Chocolat, Ispahan, Infiniment Vanille or Yuzu and Matcha Green Tea.

Celebrated in Asia for more than 3000 years, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Festival of the Moon, will take place on the 4th October, when the full moon will be the brightest of the year according to the Chinese calendar. The perfect opportunity to offer and share Mooncakes, symbols of unity and family gathering.

Beautifully presented in a luxurious gift box, joyful and colourful, these four new creations will complete the table décor dedicated to this tradition. Surrounded by friends and relatives, by the light of the moonlight and its virtues, let yourself be carried away by the indulgence and fulfilment of the moment.

Mooncake Praliné & Chocolat

Chocolate pound cake, flaky dark-chocolate praline
Covered in dark chocolate, this Mooncake is absolute indulgence. A fantasy come true right from the first bite.alt

Mooncake Infiniment Vanille

Soft almond and vanilla pound cake Displaying all of the facets of flavour of the Madagascan Vanilla mixing with the taste of almond, this Mooncake highlights both flavours delicately. alt

Mooncake Ispahan

Rose and raspberry cake, litchi and rose fruit paste
The encounter between a delicious almonds and rose cake, pieces of raspberry and litchi fruit paste. Enjoy with a cup of delicately perfumed Ispahan tea.alt

Mooncake Thé Vert Matcha & Yuzu

Matcha green tea and candied yuzu cake This Mooncake covered in white chocolate flavoured with green te ais the perfect balance between the herbal note of the green tea and the bitter and perfumed notes of the candied yuzu.alt

Created in 1997, the Haute Pâtisserie Maison imagined by Pierre Hermé and Charles Znaty inaugurated its first boutique in Tokyo in 1998 followed by the first Parisian patisserie at 72 rue Bonaparte, in the Saint-Germain district in 2001. Every day, fans line up to discover pastries, macarons and chocolates: gourmet treasures created with the passion for taste unique to Pierre Hermé, elected World’s Best Pastry Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy 2016.

The Maison Pierre Hermé Paris is a member of the Comité Colbert and has a partnership with the Raffles and Ritz-Carlton hotel groups, as well as Dior, with the Café Dior by Pierre Hermé in Seoul. The Maison now counts several dozen retail outlets in eleven countries, with almost 600 employees.

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