NEE HAO’s Man and Woman of the Year Award

NEE HAO’s Man and Woman of the Year Award for 2013 is open for nominations. A celebration of individuals who have contributed to British-East Asian society (which includes, but is not limited to, the fields of arts, politics, media, and/or literature). There are two categories: NEE HAO’s MAN and WOMAN of the Year 2013. The winners will be presented with the award on the Chinese New Year weekend of 2014, at a special venue in the heart of London, with the presence of the British press and VIP guests.

Nominations of distinguished individuals are welcome before 8:00pm on 10th January 2014.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone you think of that has made a positive influence and/or impact to British Chinese and East Asian society. They can be a famous person or an unsung hero. The purpose of this award is so that the people who have made big contributions to the community can be recognised in a wider context, and this is the reason why the national press have been invited to the Awards Ceremony in London (venue to be announced soon).

The nominee must have:

Legal right of abode in the United Kingdom; and has 
significantly contributed to British-East Asian or East Asian diasporic society.
Note that members of the Nee Hao team and their direct family members are barred from being nominated.


You can nominate yourself or someone else. Those nominating others or themselves are advised to fill out an application or by emailing : [email protected], clearly marking the email subject title “NEE HAO’S MAN AND WOMAN OF THE YEAR”. Please provide a head shot and a 400-500 words paragraph explaining why the nominee deserves the recognition.
The winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges.

Winners of the last year’s Man and Woman of the Year Award (2012)

British East Asian Actors – Click here for the article 

Other information

No prizes of cash value offered. The award is simply for the recognition of an individual’s contribution to British-East Asian or East Asian diasporic society. The magazine and its staff/contributors accept no responsibility for the judges’ decisions; however, they will take reasonable steps to investigate if there are any serious breaches of fairness.

Who will you nominate?

Already there have been nominations submitted of people from various fields to become the Nee Hao Magazine’s 2013 Man and Woman of the Year. Remember that the person who will be decided as the winner does not have to be famous. Nominations are welcome provided that the nominee has made a positive contribution to British-Chinese and East Asian society in the UK.

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