New Channel 4 Series Casting Call – For couples or families wanting to buy a business

TV production company – True North are currently working on a new series for Channel 4 called Compare Your Life. It’s about helping families and couples to buy a business. They are currently in the casting stages and are trying to find the perfect family or couple who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

电视节目公司True North最近致力于为第四频道(Channel 4)制作一个全新的系列名为 “Compare Your Life”(暂译 “生活对比”). 它是一个关于帮助家庭选择并投资商业的写实节目. 目前他们正处于拍摄阶段, 而且在不断地寻找那些充满商业想法的家庭或夫妻.

Maybe you want to buy a Chinese food business?

What are True North TV Productions looking for? 

Families or Couples (not single people) in the UK looking to change their lives by buying a business. The business can be in the UK or abroad anywhere in Europe. Maybe you are all fed up with your job and hate the fact that you can’t spend more time with your family. They are looking to cast people who want to be their own bosses. You can be of any age, gender, sexual orientation or race. The couple or family has to be in a decent financial situation. True North Productions are doing all the research into the business and location search, but won’t be able to fund the actual business purchase. So, you should be someone serious about wanting to buy, and have been thinking about buying for a while.

适合参与True North 节目录制的对象

那些目前居住在英国的想要通过投资商业来改变生活的家庭或夫妇 (不能是单身)是True North寻觅的录制对象. 关于想要投资的商业项目可以是在英国本土或是在国外. 生活中往往有很多人厌倦了当前的生活状态, 往往工作使他们迷失了方向, 在选择陪伴家人或是加班赶点中极力挣扎. 这些人迫不及待地想从工作与家庭生活间的失重中跳出来自己当老板. True North 就是要帮助这些人, 不论他们处于什么样的年龄阶段, 什么样性向或属于哪个种族, 只要他们有一定的资金实力, 那么True North 就会包办所有的商业和选址调查, 为他们购买商业出谋划策 (但并不对实际的购买出资). 如果你手头上有充裕的资金却苦无方向, 那么True North就是你的最佳投资顾问.

TV Production Company True North
Casting for couples or families who want to buy a business in the UK or anywhere in Europe.

What are the benefits in taking part? 

If you are thinking about buying your own business, it’s a very big decision with risks involved. Taking part in this programme will give you a sense of support and accountability and would provide the business with lots of exposure through TV and other media outlets.


自己当老板总比为别人打工要承担更多的风险. 当你在做重大抉择之时如果能够得到此节目的支持和帮助, 无疑给自己在通往成功的道路上加了一层保障. 加上节目会在电视台播出,以及在其他媒体频道的各种曝光, 这简直是千载难逢的宣传机会. 赶紧联络我们,参加节目的录制吧!

True North | Marshalls Mill | Marshall Street | Leeds | LS11 9YP | UK Tel:   +44 (0)113 247 1863
True North | Marshalls Mill | Marshall Street | Leeds | LS11 9YP | UK Tel:   +44 (0)113 247 1863

For further information or how to apply please email : [email protected]


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