Nottingham Games Football Champions: Cardiff Hong Kong Society


The Nottingham Games is an annual sporting event which attracts many Chinese students from all over the country to participate in every year.

Organised by The University of Nottingham Chinese Society, this year’s event took place last week at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena and Melbourne Park. Over 30 UK Universities participated in this tournament with 2000 students from Hong Kong going to Nottingham on the day as competitors or supporters. Athletes competed in football, basketball, badminton and volleyball tournaments. There was even a cheerleading competition. 

University of Nottingham Chinese Society president Sam Lau, who was leading the organising committee said:

The UNCSS President, Sam Lau
The UNCSS President, Sam Lau

“It turned out to be a wonderful day, and it was great to see so many students from all over the country come together and compete in the various sporting competitions. The organising committee members have worked really hard to make sure the prestige, magnitude and integrity of the Nottingham Games was preserved, and we have had a lot of positive feedback, which has made everything worth it.”


Queen Street - Nottingham
Queen Street – Nottingham


Cardiff University Hong Kong Society became the football champions of the Nottingham Games for the very first time in its history, with their team’s captain, Jonathan Au Yeung, also winning the ‘Most Valuable Player’ of the tournament award.

Au Yeung said: “I’m very proud to have led Cardiff to win the biggest student sporting tournament of the year. Last year we did really well and made it to the quarter-finals. At the time, that was the best results we have ever had in our history, then I said, we will be back better and stronger next year and now I’m extremely grateful that we did what we said we would. It was an amazing performance by the team, we won all the games throughout the tournament. Every single one in this team contributed and played an important role. By winning the Nottingham Games 2015 with 6 consecutive wins, I would say this Cardiff team is the best HK society team in the UK of the 2015-16 academic year.” 

The Football Champions - Cardiff University
The Football Champions – Cardiff University

He added: “I want to express my sincere gratitude to all my teammates, especially Ryan Yeung who played an extremely important part throughout the tournament. Everyone in the team put in 200% on the day, and that’s why we became champions, it was a massive team effort. I also want to thank everyone for putting trust in me and giving me this chance to win the biggest tournament of the year.”

Most Valuable Player Award – Jonathan Au Yeung

On winning the MVP award, Au Yeung said: “I would like to thank Nottingham Chinese Students Society for the award, but the credit should go to all my teammates who made Cardiff the champions, I won this award because of the teamwork.”

Current Cardiff HK Society President Ken Ma Added: “I’m so proud that our Society won the biggest HK students tournament in the UK in my presidency year. We made history.”

How Cardiff did it, the road to victory 

Group Stage: 

Cardiff 2-1 Manchester   

Cardiff 4-1 Leicester    

Cardiff 2-0 Imperial College London

Quarter-Final: Cardiff 4-1 Bristol

Semi-Final: Cardiff 3-0 Liverpool

Final: Cardiff 2-0 Nottingham

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