Promoter Profile – Gozzip Productionz (London & HK)

The UK Chinese/East Asian clubbing scene has reached mainstream status. This previously niche market is doing their part by pumping hundreds of thousands of pounds every week into the economy. 

Nee Hao Magazine interviews Swank Wong from London. Together with her sidekick Nelson Wai Chow, they run Gozzip Productionz. A few questions were put to them to give readers an insight into the workings behind organising an event and the people they cater for.

What do you enjoy about organising events?

The vibe of the people and the atmosphere of the venue. Also people having a good time and the general nightlife scene. It’s great to see our party people enjoying what we have organise and this is what we live for. YOLO !!! It is most rewarding when get good feedback from people saying things such  “OMG YOUR PARTY WAS AMAZING” afterwards. It shows that as long as our customers are happy, all our efforts are worth it. This is also one of the most important motivating factors for our Gozzip team.

Founders of Gozzip – Nelson Wai Chow and Swank Wong

What do you dislike?

We really dislike people who get really really drunk (hangover wooohooo) and then cause trouble on the night of the event. So we usually give the security guards a heads up to fix such problem. Also last minute cancellations of the tables as we usually sell out of VIP tables very early, hence a lot of customers end up missing out on one


What kinds of spectacular people are involved with Gozzip Productionz?

Gozzip Productionz was founded by two ambitious university students, Swank Wong from Hong Kong, but educated in the UK, and Nelson Wai Chow, an Australian born Chinese. With our significantly different backgrounds and experiences, we worked together tirelessly with an unshaken passion, offerring the best events that provide unforgettable experiences to our beloved customers. Yet, we couldn’t have done it without our very own organisers, promoters, DJs, MCs and models who have always been there to assist us, especially when it comes to the promotion of our events. As we are all from different countries, we are willing and able to gather different cultures from all around the world which generates a colorful mixture that we believe will impress all kinds.


What event are you currently working on?

Chinese New Year X Valentines Day Special @ Magnum 14th FEB

What is most satisfying about doing a gig?

Doing a gig means a lot to us and giving our Gozzip Brand a name. Our resident DJ,  YIN is Hong Kong’s Top upcoming party DJ. We are working closely together to perform outstanding and successful events throughout the year. He is well known for his gig, I am your DJ not your IPOD !!! and has over 20000 Fans on Facebook.

Where do you want to take your brand and what does it represent?

We want to take our brand internationally throughout the world. We are already known in countries throughout AUS, UK & HK. We are planning to take our brand globally to Shanghai, Macau, Korea & Japan. 

Gozzip means “With Gozzip Events you’ll know where to go because the Gozzip spreads…” It is catchy and it gets lots of attention. Everyone loves to Gozzip and we want to be the ones that everyone talks about. What happens next? Only time will tell. XOXO, Gozzip Parties.

Do you think that the parties you do help boost up the local economy?

Well, the parties we do will definitely boost up the nightlife events & entertainment industry. We want to build up the industry closely working with other event organisers, collaborating on massive events, while keeping a level head with a down to earth mentality.


What kind of atmosphere and vibe are your parties?

The atmosphere we are looking for is one that releases our youthful energy to the maximum point and one that lifts the roof off a venue (Sorry for party rocking !! LOL).

It’s especially wonderful to see our customers popping expensive bottles and enjoying them enormously. (At our official launching event, we, on our own, popped 50 !!! ) Seeing our customers spending $500 USD for a Dom Pèrignon and then spilling it all over a girl’s most exquisite dress was also rather amusing. LOL


What venues have you done gigs before?

We had our official launching event at Levels HK on 23rd December 2012, with 2000 people ( it was a Sunday Woohoo!!) We have also done gigs in Magnum Club and Beijing Club in Jan 2013! We look forward to hosting more exclusive events at different venues in the future.

What was your last event?

Our last event was Glow Party at Beijing Club in LKF the CBD’s party capital…CENTRAL BOOTY DISTRICT. It was the first local students party we have done in Hong Kong and it was a tremendous success.

What’s next to look forward to? 

We look forward to more unforgettable scenarios created by our beloved craziest customers in future events. It is the unique atmosphere that we create at parties that makes the Gozzip spread.


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