Social enterprise film Fortune Cookies

Social enterprise feature film Fortune Cookies is now one step nearer to Production with the support of Elstree Film Studios, which has pledged provision of studio space for the fictional game show section of the film’s shoot. A quirky British comedy, Fortune Cookies centres around the heart of a Chinese family who are obsessed with Les Dennis’ TV game show Fame To Fortune (to be shot at Elstree). All except eldest daughter Susan Lee who would like to escape her eccentric, yet traditional family life for the bright lights of the West End.

Director Brenda Lee running workshop with students at Northants launch

The family are at risk of losing their beloved takeaway to local loan sharks and when they get a chance to appear on Fame To Fortune to win enough money to easily cover their debts, they believe their problems are over until Susan reveals the show recording clashes with her stage debut. Family vs Ambition. Love vs Duty. Chekhov vs Chicken Feet?

Les and Ozzie in character at London Eye launch

Fortune Cookies, a heart-warming, cross-cultural family comedy, will be shot in the East Midlands and London in 2012. It will be accompanied by an educational scheme encompassing workshops and work experience where young people from various secondary schools will have a real impact on the production of a commercial movie whilst also aiming to increase their engagement with the key themes of Learning, Literacy and Livelihoods.

The cast currently attached include Elaine Tan, Meline Danieliwicz, David Yip, Pik Sen Lim, Ozzie Yue, David Tse, Liz Sutherland, Jason Wong, Lynsey Pow and Les Dennis.

Roger Morris, Managing Director of Elstree Film Studios says, “We’re very pleased to help Becky with her film. We’re very supportive of young British filmmakers and we’re looking forward to working with Reelscape Films on this project.”

Northampton Academy students on set at Northants launch

Reelscape Films’ MD Becky Adams says, “I’m thrilled to be filming my first feature film Fortune Cookies at Elstree. It’s the perfect studio for our shoot and the students involved in the production are already very excited to be coming to a studio so steeped in cinema history and with many of their favourite shows and films being filmed there at the moment. To achieve our learning objectives for the educational scheme we need this kind of excitement in our students and need to offer them opportunities in world class facilities like this. And I also have to admit that I’m very excited by the magic of Elstree too!”

To get the production to Elstree in 2012, Reelscape Films continues its funding campaign for Fortune Cookies using traditional methods as well as more unusual ones such as a crowd-funding campaign. Visit the film’s website for more details

  • • After its launch at the EDF Energy London Eye 4D cinema, family comedy feature film Fortune Cookies has attracted the support of Elstree Film Studios which will be providing studio space for the studio section of the shoot.
  • Feature film Fortune Cookies from new writer/director Brenda Lee is being produced in conjunction with a unique 16-week educational programme for secondary school students.

For further details on Reelscape Films and Fortune Cookies please contact:

Becky Adams, Producer, Reelscape Films

Ph: 07930 646 721

E: [email protected]

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