Bachelor of the Month for Feb (Valentine’s Special) Mark Li of Exeter

‘Bachelor of the Month’ and ‘Babe of the Month’ feature. This is where contestants submit photos along with a brief bio of themselves, then readers can vote to see if they are hot or not, through the quirky rating system.


At the end of a 12 month period, the male and female who receives the most votes will have the honour of being Nee Hao Magazine’s Bachelor and Babe of the year, and a full centre page spread in the in-print magazine will be devoted to them. We are also in talks with modelling agencies in London and Beijing who will potentially sign up the winners to their books.

Nee Hao都将为每年的12位 “本月型男”和12位“本月宝贝”中最高选票者颁发 “年度型男”和 “年度宝贝”的荣誉称号。“年度型男和宝贝”的写真不但会被刊登在Nee Hao杂志的中央页面,
并且Nee Hao亦会为他们和中英两地的模特公司对话,型男和宝贝们就有机会获得顶级模特公司的签约。

Do you wish to be Nee Hao magazine’s Bachelor or Babe of the month? Send in a few photos and a brief bio to us and you can be featured in the future.

如果你想成为Nee Hao杂志的“本月型男”或“本月宝贝”,就请尽快给我们寄来你的照片和个人简历吧。

Rating system 选票系统: alt

(Get voting just for fun!)

Plain Chow Mein = Nothing special

净炒面 = 没什么特别

Veggie Chow Mein = Interesting but could do with a little meat

时菜炒面 = 还可以,但最好来点肉!

Special Chow Mein = The full works, tasty and got the complete package.

招牌炒面 = 色香味俱全, 够入味, 完全满意的包装。

Bachelor of the Month for February 2012


Mark Li

From: Exeter UK

来自: 埃克塞特

Job: Part time model


Favourite food: Japanese steaks and all types of sushi

最喜爱食物: 神户牛柳, 寿司等

Enjoy or not enjoy going out clubbing? Prefer a cosy night in

喜欢参加派对吗? 不喜欢, 觉得很吵, 宁可在家里静静地一个人呆着

Mark’s pet dog
Mark occasionally comes out to party and when he does he enjoys himself
Modelling at a show


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