Supper Moment overwhelmed by fans in London promise to return to the UK

Formed 11 years ago, Hong Kong pop band Supper Moment set foot in the UK for the first time and held two sold out intimate shows in London.

In the past year, the band has performed in Hong Kong and Macao, and recently completed their ” Gentle Uproar Concert ” in front of 8000 fans. Supper Moment London Live marks the first solo gig outside Asia, with the first and second dates both sold out within hours of publicising.

Taking homage to the British live music scene, Supper Moment delivered a close up and intimate show for fans. The show was first supported by former Chochukmo bassist Waiting Soul in his new British band DRONNINGEN.

Headliner Supper Moment took to the stage with a full house of highly eager fans. The show featured almost the full set from the “Gentle Uproar Concert “. Lead singer Sunny Chan joined fans throughout the show, as well as turning the venue in total ovation when introducing his band and the song “Song of Sha Yan” (winner of Best Original Song in The Hong Kong Film Awards) in English. He also revealed that he received encouragement from his least favored middle school teacher, which made the show extra worthwhile. The band were greatly moved by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans, where songs would lead to a sing along.

Supper Moment was overwhelmed by their fans in London and promised fans to return to the UK for more shows in the near future.


In UK Cinemas 26 May 2017

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