The Allure of Multi-talented Julia Mei

Julia Mei’s determination to succeed in a variety of platforms is impressive – young and beautiful, the ambitious entertainer has won the hearts of many fans including Nee Hao Magazine’s. She has garnered over 8,000 likes on her Facebook Fan Page, made public appearances at corporate and festive events, and been featured in various magazines across Canada.


A singer, actress, model, makeup artist, and dancer, the Mainland-born Mei’s extensive portfolio of talents reflects her driven personality and her passion for excellence. As a model, Mei is versatile in her looks and skills – delivering quality photos in beauty, high fashion and glamour.


When did you realise that entertainment was your calling?

I have always loved being in the spotlight ever since I was a child. Let it be singing, dancing, or piano. I love being the centre of attention, and modelling is something I really enjoy doing. I love moving from persona to persona when in front of the camera. It began with photo shoots for fun, and eventually I just realised: this is something I want to do.


Your talents are wide ranging. How do you make time and continue to excel in each field? 

When you love something, you realise that you’ll always make time for it. I am able to practice singing and dancing whenever and pretty much where ever. The only thing I find hard to keep up with is piano. It takes a lot more effort to find time to sit down and practice playing the piano. I also have to make sure my body stays in shape by going to the gym regularly. It helps with dancing!

How has your background shaped your life?

I was born in China, and raised mostly in Canada. However, the “Asian-ness” will forever be a part of me. My mother loves to sing, and this really affects the types of Chinese songs that I enjoy singing. It includes traditional Chinese songs as well as more modern Chinese songs.


Who is the most inspiring force in your career aspirations?

For my modelling career, I find that the amount of confidence Dannie Riel has is absolutely amazing. I wish to be as confident as her. Also, Steph Ly’s endless amount of beautiful poses really speaks to me as well. I really look up to the amount of hard work and dedication these girls put into modelling.


What was your most memorable shoot and why? 

I remember just going places with my best friend and working on photo shoots for fun. There were no pressures from sponsors, associated with money-making or anything. My most memorable one would have to be the one I did a few years ago at the distillery district. There was a festival there that day as well. I still remember how our lighting test shot turned out to be one of the best photos of that day – haha!

Julia Mei’s makeup artistry
Photo credit: Yinsey Wang

What sort of pressures, if any, do you feel in the industry? How have you overcome these?

There’s all types of pressures. Pressure to have certain types of shoots, work with certain people, and go to certain events. There’s pressure from fans, haters, friends, family, and even co-workers as well. I try to remind myself that this is what I want to do and to never make a decision based on someone else’s reasons.

Tell us about your support network – who’s your rock?

I’ve got to say my rock has got to be my best friend. She’s been there ever since we first started doing shoots together. She’s always been there, and I can trust that she will continue to be there and support me in whatever decisions I decide to make – whether I keep on modelling or choose to retire. She’s someone that I can talk to about my problems, and I trust her to give me constructive criticism in everything I do as well.


As a dancer, what style has had the most impact on you and why?

As a dancer, Jazz and Contemporary dance has always made a huge impact on me. It’s so full of emotion and requires a lot of technique. It’s not something anyone can just pick up in a matter of weeks or months. It’s something you need to consistently work at, and figure out for yourself. I really respect dancers who continue to excel at these types of dancing.

You’re also a gamer girl. Tell us about what you play.

I always loved MMORPGS, but League of Legends is a game I also enjoy playing. I haven’t gamed as often this summer as my schedule has been eating my free time… but I’m planning on picking up some games once school starts back up again. Anyone want to play with me or have any good suggestions?


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