Tzu Ting Wang and Ash Lin exhibits at Layers London

Layers London, an avant-garde fashion shop located in Mayfair, London are hosting ‘BITS’ exhibition, which consists of photography, painting and installation by two young artists Tzu Ting Wang, and Ash Lin, in store until the 31st of January.




Tzu Ting Wang’s work focuses on changing the character of a given material through three-dimensional sculptures that appear in a two-dimensional form. Juxtaposing painting and sculpture she intends to question and rearrange two distinct methods of practice – flattening dimensions and increasing volume of vision – leading the viewer on an exploration of fetishistic tendencies towards a given material. In some instances her work questions the dimensions that a physical frame can harbour, revealing underlying questions about what feelings presentation and framing can evoke and their contexts in physical space.

Tzu Ting Wang received a Master in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Art and design.




Ash Lin tells stories through photographs that continuously switch from her – as the creator – to yours, hers, his, theirs and its perspectives. An element of honestly is ever-present within her work, not only for the self and viewer but within the context and objects 『inside』 the images. Through this honesty she focuses on expressing violent quietness and irritating calmness in her photos, intuitively sensing and portraying the anguish, struggles and pain – both physically and mentally – of the people that surround her.

Ash Lin received her MA in Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts from Goldsmiths University of London – focusing on documentary and street photography. Presently she is working on integrating her story telling photographic idiom into Fashion Photography.

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