University of Bristol V Show 25/2/11

The V Show is a grand annual variety show organised by university students from the more reputable Hong Kong Societies in the UK. The show comprises of artistic performances from talented students.
Bristol University is one of the larger Hong Kong societies and this year their V Show will be on the 25th February 2011 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Theatre in Bristol UK.

One of the official trailers of the UoB V Show 2011


This is a freshers event aiming to provide entertainment, engage fellow students and also the local communities. There are many benefits for the students involved as the production provides them with good experiences of extra curricular activities, management skills, team building, networking but most importantly lasting memories of fun and creativity.

Here 3 students involved in the show gives us a brief low down on what they do.

Keith Ho is the producer of this year’s production. His role is to organise the whole committee group of the V Show.
Keith says  ” I take part mostly on the preparations, and behind the scenes work. This includes script-writing, rehearsals, booking equipment, and making sure we put on a fluent show. To me this is an important event, it’s a chance for us freshers in university to gather around to achieve a target, and it gives us a break from our academic work such as writing lab-reports every day and night. The show provides a wonderful opportunity to build up our group working skills which is very useful for our future. After spending so much time working on the show, I hope the audience will like our effort “.


Haldane Leung
who has 2 roles in the show says ” I play ‘The Boss’ of an entertainment company called V.U.C.K. By watching the trailers we have posted on YouTube you can have a pretty good idea about my character as the boss. Also I am the backstage manager in the show, this involves leading backstage crews to run the show as smoothly as possible. The V-Show means so much more to me than just an entertainment show. Many in the team have devoted time, energy and their own money, and we get lots of fun and good experiences in return. We are not just messing around here, as well as getting to know more people across the UK, we hope to make people who come to see the show leave with smiley faces “.

Gigi Tsui is involved in marketing the show outside of the university and also raising sponsorship by engaging local businesses.
She says ” My role allows me to get a taste of what the real world is like and turning an idea into reality, it’s so much fun too. The V Show is an event for the purposes of getting to know fellow students and also the local community where we study. It will also provide wonderful memories for this period of our lives as it will be made into a DVD. I’m taking part because I think university life is not just about getting a good degree and telling people how good your university is, surely it should be more to it than that “.

Click this link for the Bristol V Show 2011 event Facebook page and watch the trailers. Support it:!/event.php?eid=190990607596924

CNY Party at DK, Whiteladies Rd. Click here for details.
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