Valentine’s feature – Helping you find the perfect date

THE UK’s Chinese community is still facing a dating CRISIS, as almost half claim they’re too BUSY working to find love.

As the third largest ethnic minority group in Britain prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Nee Hao will be offering two lucky readers a one month subscription for the leading Chinese dating website Also to top it off, we will be offering 2 lucky readers a free meal for two to celebrate Valentine’s day at a restaurant in either of the following cities, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, or London. 


To enter our special Valentine’s competition and to stand a chance of winning, send us a photo of yourself and tell us who or what would be your ideal date is. Two lucky readers will be chosen at random and notified accordingly.

Please send an email to [email protected]


1. Make a wish while riding the London Eye.

2. The International Dark-Sky Association lists areas, like the Brecon Beacons and Exmoor, where you can romantically watch the night sky without light pollution ruining the view. In the ancient Chinese legend which accompanies the Double 7th Festival, the cowherd and his love are divided by the milky way.

3. Gather the Ingredients— sugar, flour, oil and honey – to make traditional Chinese Valentine’s food ‘Qiaoguo’ and delicious snack made by deep frying a thin paste.

4. Sail a paper boat lantern in a river and make a wish.

5. Put red ribbon on both of your wrists. In Chinese culture, red ribbon is the symbol of love.



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