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Trinh Quan is a DIY-obsessed creative – if she’s not taking photographs, creating nail art, styling shoots, or modelling herself, she’s designing websites and furthering her understanding of information technology. As an IT professional, she works the regular 9-5 job on weekdays. Currently, she is collaborating with one of her best friends on STYLLIFE, a fashion blog. A self-proclaimed “unknown fashionista” of the IT world, she is looking to expand her horizons.


Right now, she is collecting votes for a global fashionista search competition. This could land her a dream trip to Korea, her ultimate source of fashion inspiration. Nee Hao interviews the lady that’s got a landmine of talent and is looking for your support!


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Describe your style. Where do you source your influences from?


My style mainly comprises of neutral colors. I value simplicity with a hint of sophistication, and am an absolute accessories junkie.  However, I also do enjoy trying different variations and adding colours that draws emphasis and attention. My influences often come from the Korean market and entertainment industries; I am an absolute Korean pop and Korean drama addict! I find that Korean fashion lies closest to my heart as its style follows the same formula of simplicity and composure.

Who is your style icon?

Sarah Jessica Parker! I, too, agree that we need to splurge on a luxurious handbag every so often and all outfits must be complimented with a pair of high heels. To me, she is a fashionista that knows what outfits and styles are appropriate for what occasion. Although, sometimes she may be over the top, but this is what makes fashion fun at times and is exactly why I love her!

To me, she will always be the Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City that I adore, an irreplaceable television character filled with spice and style.

Why do you want to go to Korea so much?


Having graduated with an honours degree in East Asian Studies and being a follower of Korean fashion, I would love the experience to submerge myself in this culture in real time and reality. Of course, with current technology, there is no problem gathering information, footage, photographs, and videos of trending fashion in Korea, but nothing can compare to experiencing it there and then.

I dream of strolling down CheongdamDong/Apujeong (where every designer’s goal is to open a boutique there); Dongdaemun (a shopping area filled with comprehensive fabrics, trends, and accessories); and Hongdae (an urban street fashion district).  Most importantly, I want to come back with a suitcase filled with fashion items made in Korea!

What brands do you like?

I personally do not think fashion has to be entirely high-end and I believe in the idea of mixing and matching the expensive with the inexpensive. Brands that I shop at include Zara, Mango, Club Monaco, H&M, ASOS, and Sabo Skirt. Although they may not be considered to be in the average-priced zone, its gives me a variety for which I can afford and work with.

My ultimate favorite online shopping site would be YesStyle, where it is filled with up-to-date Korean fashion items. Luxury brands that I like are Ted Baker, Christian Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, BCBG Max Azria, and Prada.

Tell us something random about you!

I love traveling! Whenever I get the chance, I would go explore the world no matter how close or far it is.  Though I have a personal attachment to Asia since I was born there, my goal is to leave my footprints wherever possible and reachable.



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