Vuitton Nana by Kazuki Guzmán


This particular work, Vuitton Nana, mocks the notion of high art often seen in the art world today. It questions the viewer, “Now it has a branded logo all over it, does it taste better? Is it more expensive?”. The answer is evident as it rots and decays just like any other banana. The pattern on the piece was made by poking the surface of a banana with a single needle; The damaged cells reacts to the oxygen, and darkens over time.

Artist Statement 

In a way, even my name is Kazuki Guzmán is an important reflection of my unique heritage. My father is a macho Chilean, and my mother is a delicate lady from Japan. Due to my father’s occupation as a diplomat, the family was constantly asked to move its place of residence within and outside of Japan. Thus, growing up, I often faced challenges of learning new languages and interacting with foreign people. These childhood circumstances triggered my early interest in using art as a medium of communication; whenever words were not enough, I expressed myself through the use of art.

The notion of ‘play’ is at the core of my art practices. I enjoy taking jokes seriously, until they become ‘art’ in one way or another. My artworks are often accidental outcome of playful interactions between the materials and myself. I equally enjoy allowing my materials to define the context of my artwork, and conversely, the challenger of letting the context of my work dictate the material execution.

Mickey Robo
Mickey Robo
Peanut Bunny
Peanut Bunny

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