Westfield London to hold Chinese new year workshops

To mark the Chinese New Year of the Dog over the half-term, Westfield presents a programme of children’s activities across its two London centres, enabling families to experience the ancient holiday in an authentic, modern way.

Traditions differ, but the main message of Chinese New Year is for families to come together and wish each other peace and prosperity for the year ahead. Taking inspiration from traditions, Westfield has tailored its experiences to create a hub of activities for all families celebrating in the UK.


Engaging families and visitors at both centres, the theme will be around ‘finding your Fu’ – or welcoming all good things in life with five supporting elements: Good Food, Good Looks, Good Family Times, Good Living and Good Health. Westfield will host free hourly kid’s workshops for 30 minutes enabling a hands-on approach to a range of Chinese traditions.

The children’s sessions range from the customary art of red envelope decorating, fortune cookie decorating, tea making workshops to money tree seed planting and face painting. These will be taking place at Westfield London on the first floor outside lululemon and at Westfield Stratford City on the first floor outside John Lewis.  There is no need to sign up – families can turn up to each session on first come, first served basis.

 Westfield Spokesman, Myf Ryan, comments: “This year, we will be hosting a very special lineup of Chinese New Year celebrations across Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City. We want to give families the unique opportunity to learn more about this Chinese festival through a range of authentic experiences with customs and traditions.  The Chinese year of the dog is often recognised as being loyal to your community so let’s take this opportunity to embrace and celebrate the diversity of cultures.”




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