Results: Cardiff University HK Soc Football Invitation Cup

The Cardiff University Hong Kong Society Football Invitation Cup 2011-2012 has been officially launched by the Cardiff University Hong Kong Society with the support of UNICEF On Campus Wales. On November 5th a total of 16 football teams battled it out on the pitch with eventual winners Manchester University being the first holders of this annual cup competition. 

 Photos: Peter Hong


Jim Wong of Cardiff Uni. One of the organisers as well as the top scorer of the tournament with 4 goals



For one brief moment the goalie thought he was in a swimming competition doing the 200m butterfly

Jim Wong has been playing football since the age of 11, he is the sports secretary of the university’s HK society and one of the main organisers of the Cardiff University HK Soc Football Invitation Cup 2011-2012. He says:

‘The idea for the event was conceived in early April after our AGM election. We feel that Cardiff has the resources (pitches, connections with other universities, an experienced football team, and sporting knowledge) to hold a tournament similar to the Nottingham or Soton Games. My vision was to have a tournament that represented the prestige of the capital city of Wales, at the same time provide a nice travel experience for participants and an opportunity for meeting new friends’.  


Overall the tournament was a great success with players enjoying the competition and supporters enjoying the day out. However the organising side of things was not without its problems. Jim adds:

“At the start of the day we received some bad news from the council. They called to tell me the pitches were no longer available to use due to the weather. So I had to immediately book the 7 aside 3g astro which added an extra £500 pounds to our budget. Then we had to contact each university explaining the reason for the change because we didn’t want them to suffer any inconvenience. I had to call every single university. Also the drop out by Nottingham was a downside, but fortunately Warwick and Birmingham were able to provide a second team so we counted our blessings to get the event back on track again. We would like to thank everyone who participated and came along to this event, next year we will strive to make it even better”. 



Full Results 

Group A
0930-0955 Cardiff vs Keele 1:0
1020-1045 Kent vs Warwick 1:0
1110-1135 Cardiff vs Warwick 1:1
1200-1225 Keele vs Kent 0:1
1250-1315 Cardiff vs Kent 3:1
1340-1405 Keele vs Warwick 1:0

Group B
0955-1020 Southampton vs Sussex 0:2
1045-1110 Bristol vs Birmingham 0:0
1135-1200 Sussex vs Bristol 1:0
1225-1250 Southampton vs Birmingham 1:0
1315-1340 Bristol vs Southampton 0:1
1405-1430 Sussex vs Birmingham 0:0

Peter Hong Photography

Group C
0930-0955 LSE vs KCL 0:0
1020-1045 Warwick B vs Exeter 0:0
1110-1135 LSE vs Warwick B 0:0
1200-1225 KCL vs Exeter 0:0
1250-1315 LSE vs Exeter 0:1
1340-1405 KCL vs Warwick B 0:0 (Penalty KCL win)

Group D
0955-1020 Manchester vs Bath 2:1
1045-1110 Cardiff Malay vs Birmingham B 3:1
1135-1200 Manchester vs Cardiff Malay 1:0
1225-1250 Bath vs Birmingham B 1:0
1315-1340 Manchester vs Birmingham B 1:1
1405-1430 Cardiff Malay v Bath 0:1


Quarter Finals
1430-1505 Cardiff vs Southampton 0:2
1430-1505 Sussex vs Kent 1:1 (Sussex won via Penalty)
1505-1540 Exeter vs Bath 0:1
1505-1540 Manchester vs KCL 1:0

Semi Finals
1540-1615 Manchester vs Bath 1:0
1540-1615 Sussex vs Southampton 0:1


2nd Runner up
1625-1700 Bath vs Sussex 0:0 (Bath won via Penalty)

1625-1700 Manchester vs Southampton 2:1

Champions: Manchester 
1st runner up: Southampton
2nd runner up: Bath

Golden Boot:

Jim Wong (Cardiff) – 4 goals
Desmond (Soton) – 3 goals
Henry (Manchester) – 3 goals


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