Dragon Sign Athletic Association Event For Mainstream Awareness

Bringing together a variety of martial arts, the Dragon Sign Athletic Association UK is to stage an event on the 8th September 2013, in a bid to build mainstream awareness.

Dragon sign martial arts have been part of Chinese culture for hundreds of year. Originally founded and spearheaded by Master Lam Yiu Kwai, Dragon Sign martial arts dates back as far as the 18th century, and is already a fixture in small communities across the country. The DSAA UK is the only association of its kind in the UK, and is licensed by the head Dragon Sign Athletic Association in Hong Kong. The DSAA UK represents just one form of martial arts.

It is not out of the ordinary for historic martial arts practices to take up residence in a modern western domain: Hung Fut Pai is a mixture of Hung Gar and Fut Gar, based in Scotland, which was formed over 350 years ago. Grand Master Man Ying Nap has been teaching in Scotland for a total of 30 years and has grown the interest by establishing clubs in six different Scottish cities.

There are also a variety of different unique martial arts techniques including: Wing Chun, Pak Mei and Shaolin Fists. While there are set ups in various parts of the world, it is common for these to be in small groups or communities. The Dragon Sign Athletic Association aims to tackle this issue of size and awareness by bringing different parties together for the exclusive event. It has been given extra weight thanks to the support it has gained from Hong Kong celebrity Stephen Au.

Stephen Au is recognised for his long, on-going acting career, while the event’s main sponsor, Barshu restaurant, is based in the high profile location of Soho. It offers cuisines from the Sichuan province of South Western China. Sichuan chefs are legendary for their ability to combine tastes for unique and complex flavours.

The event will enable a coming together of martial arts communities, the media, and those interested specifically in the Dragon Sign and Lion Dance. Attendants at the event will witness a live kong fu performance, and partake in eye dotting of the lion, and a lucky draw. The event will be an unforgettable experience of Chinese culture and martial arts traditions, as the DSAA UK continues to build the bridge between east and west.

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本次以龙形为首的武林大会,还有幸邀请到洪佛派,咏春派,白眉派以及少林派一同汇聚,香港著名影星兼武术热爱者欧锦棠Stephen Au也将在当日亲临现场为此次武林大会做开幕喝彩。当日,不仅有精彩的舞狮点睛为开幕,还将有各路门派的武术表演,到场人士将有机会参与现场抽奖。


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