Explore Hong Kong’s diverse musical landscape in Central London this summer

  • From 7th to 28th July 2017, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council will present, for the first time in London, the Hong Kong Music Series in several prestigious venues


Poised to provide a thrilling exploration of the cultural history and musical present of Hong Kong, the series aims to present the creative, thriving dynamism of talented musicians, vocalists and composers of the region on an international stage. Five diverse and exciting music productions will take place, presenting everything from classical to contemporary and jazz, from Chinese music theatre to pop and chamber opera.

The series will open with the meaningful Musical Interflow – a Dialogue of Two Cultures at the magnificent St John’s Smith Square, celebrating the complementary yet contrasting Chinese and British common heritage and close relationship, through classical and contemporary music, performances featuring some of Hong Kong’s finest musicians. Hong Kong Episodes will reveal the unique cityscapes of Hong Kong via an exceptional aerial movie projection accompanied by a jazz and classical fusion, performed by pre-eminent homegrown musicians: internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist Teriver CHEUNG, and Fung LAM, the first Hong Kong composer ever commissioned by the BBC (Unlocking, 2014).

The third event, Music Lab: Fingerman x Beloved Clara x SMASH will present three bold performances. Fingerman explores the concept of God in an experimental classical piano recital, and Beloved Clara is a chamber piece telling the life of pianist and composer Clara Schumann and her influence on Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, told through piano, violin and soprano. SMASH concludes this collaboration, with a fusion of pop, classical, and jazz to delight and inspire audiences.

Beyond the Senses – Atmospheric Music Theatre by Law Wing-fai will invite you to discover Chinese music theatre, a magnificent work by leading Hong Kong composer LAW Wing-Fai, combining traditional instruments, poetry, songs, dance, visual elements, and kunju opera.

To conclude the festival, the European premiere of Datong: The Chinese Utopia is a collaboration which brings together inspirational creative artists and exceptional singers from Hong Kong to chronicle the 20th century Chinese scholar KANG Youwei’s life. It touches on Chinese philosophy in an artistic and multifaceted representation.



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