The Babe of the Month for November Miss Janet Chu (11月寶貝)

Every month we have a ‘Bachelor of the Month’ and ‘Babe of the Month’ feature. This is where contestants submit photos along with a brief bio of themselves and then readers can vote to see if they are hot or not through our quirky rating system. 

At the end of a 12 month period, the male and female who receives the most votes will have the honour of being Nee Hao Magazine’s Bachelor and Babe of the year, and a full centre page spread in the in-print magazine will be devoted to them. We are also in talks with modelling agencies in London and Beijing who will potentially sign up the winners to their books.

Do you wish to be Nee Hao magazine’s Bachelor or Babe of the month? Send in a few photos and a brief bio to us and you can be featured in the future.

Rating system for females:

(Get voting just for fun!)

Cup Cake = Delightful, cute and classy

Egg Tart = Nice to eat but can be a little fattening

Mantou = Plain and simple

Babe of the Month for Novemeber 2011:

Janet Chu

Age: 24

From: Oxford

Job: Webmaster

Favourite food: Dim Sum

Enjoy or not enjoy going out clubbing? Sometimes


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