Operation Black Vote and British Chinese Project tells community to VOTE

Operation Black Vote and Saatchi & Saatchi have launched a poster campaign urging people to go to the polls to vote in the EU Referendum. The campaign is designed to demonstrate that the future of Britain is within everyone’s power to decide: they simply have to exercise their democratic right to vote.

OBV has teamed up with other voluntary organisations such as the British Chinese Project who seek to mobilise the youth vote in all elections.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Bullingdon Club images, the poster represents the UK’s diverse population, including the Chinese community and shows that everyone, not just the privileged few, holds the power in this debate. The posters will be on 98ft billboards all around the country, with many sites in the capital.

OBV exists to ensure there is greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK.

4 million people from the BME communities have the right to vote in this Referendum and could in effect decide who wins and who loses.

British Chinese Project are doing a big push to recognise British Chinese Voting participation- if you are able to take a photo of yourselves next to the polling station sign and then email it or put on the British Chinese project FB page


Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote, said:

“In this Referendum our vote is crucial. At OBV we’ve always encouraged the UK’s Black and minority ethnic communities to vote and engage in the democratic debate. This we argue is not only good for our democracy, but also to ensure we have greater racial equality for everyone.  We all hope that this poster will open up the debate about belonging, being heard and having a stake in our society within this crucial EU vote.”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor for London, has backed the poster stating:

“This is the OBV that I have worked closely with over many years. They are doing what they do best, by encouraging higher voter turnout from under-represented communities.”

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