Pal Pang – China top 10 influential interior designer

Timber House by Pal Pang 

Project direction is clear and simple: for people who like to live in a contemporary interior with a 60s to 70s style twist. The living and dining room is bright with sun light coming through the window making it look warm on the timber wall. The master bedroom and bathroom’s colour scheme has a more moody and personal feel.



This design concept aims to create a golden age of living. It uses timber as the key element for walls to go with the marble floor. Pal Pang’s interior design wowed the judges with his daring use of futuristic geometric planes and materials, marrying them with the traditional elements of wood, stone and glass. His personal philosophy of integrating the elements of film, effects of light, sound and visual composition come together with his tactile attributes to complete the sensory experience, making Pang stand out among his creative peers.

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