Interview with Tiffany Lo – Miss Birmingham Beauty Pageant Finalist

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A multi-talented international artist based in Birmingham and Hong Kong, Tiffany M. Lo (LOK YIN LO), 21, is in the finals for this year’s Miss Birmingham Beauty Pageant, which is also the quarter final stage of the Miss England contest.

People may have stereotyped artist as people who have attitudes; In reality, Tiffany is an emotional sensitive lady who tried hard to strived for her own dreams. She sings; She acts; She directs; And she produces arts. Being involved in the Creative Industries since 2010, she has appeared in a number of big stages and blackbox theatres internationally.

Nee Hao talks to Tiffany about her aspirations, and of course, her journey and preparation for Miss Birmingham 2016.

NH:! Congratulations on being one of the finalists of Miss Birmingham this year. How do you feel?

LY: Excited, and nervous. I’m a bit concern about my time management though, as I have got quite a few shows coming up simultaneously with the Miss Birmingham Finals, and some other performances that need to be produced later in the year… but I’m sure I can handle this.

NH: Tell me something about yourself and your work. What do you actually do, and have done in the past?

LY: Well, I do all sort of things in terms of performing arts. I have always been trying to learn all the things about this industries- acting, directing, playwriting, doing the lights, costume designs…. I think it is important to know a little bit of everything, you know, for better understanding of your crew and how you can help in the theatre-making process. And essentially, you can step in whenever there is a problem in the production that is needed to be solved.

The most recent show that I produced was called 1+(1+1); It was held in TGT Art and Design Gallery in Hong Kong. So in that performance, I wrote my own script and directed myself. It was a solo performance. To be honest, the experience was pretty tough. It was hard for me to separate the artist and the actress sides of me. I was happy that the gallery manager helped in co-directing it. Otherwise, it would have been a mess. I know it was too early for me to produced my own solo performances, but at least I tried and took my first step, and have actually experienced it. It was good, it went well. I have no regret.


NH: That’s amazing! If your focus is on the theatre side, what made you enter Miss Birmingham 2016?

LY: I heard about this pageant through StarNow. Rachael, the Miss England West Midlands regional director invited me for an interview last year. But I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone, so I just left it aside.

But this year, I want to challenge myself; I want to prove to myself and my family that I can be successful in life no matter where I am and how far away I am from Home. That became my first motivation to enter this competition. Besides, to enter this contest will benefit myself in pursuing my dream. And not to forget, Miss Birmingham is a charity event as well.

The money raised through the event will go towards ‘Beauty with a purpose’ and helped disadvantaged children locally, nationally and worldwide. I can’t see the disadvantages of joining this pageant, chasing my dream, and meanwhile, doing charity work.

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NH: So what is your dream? Something about the theatre, I guess?

LY: I dream big. And I really do. I want to be one of the practitioners who can make a different in Hong Kong’s art industries, and establish something innovative- as in, I want to bring what I learned from the UK back to Hong Kong and developed from it- the contemporary theatre techniques, the works from different theatrical practitioners, styles….etc.

NH: Okay. Is there anything needed to be prepared for Miss Birmingham then? What is your plan?

LY: Yea, apart from all the yoga-ing businesses to get myself back in shape, Miss Birmingham will be electing different Misses as well; One of them is called Miss Eco Birmingham. For that, I will need to make a dress created out of recyclable material for a catwalk round in the Finals. I have already got an idea for it. Maybe I’ll share it in my next article! Stay in tune.



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