Tim Farron visited London Central Mosque to kick out racism in the referendum campaign

Tim Farron visited the London Central Mosque today and took on racism in the referendum campaign.

The Liberal Democrat leader marked Ramadan at one of the capital’s biggest mosques.

Tim Farron said:

“The world is reeling in the wake of the homophobic terror attack in Orlando. And in amongst the sadness and the horror we are seeing an all too common trait in online hooligans; taking the actions of a deeply disturbed individual, and applying them to an entire race or faith.

“The ignorance of Trump, is unfortunately being mirrored by campaigners in Britain. Some of the people who want us to turn our backs on Europe are stoking fear and terror, and trying to pitch community against community.

“The decision by the Brexit campaign to put out a bizarre and offensive poster warning that an Orlando-style atrocity will happen here if we don’t leave the EU, was disgusting. It was a cynical move to tar the Muslim community with the actions of one deranged gun-man intent on inflicting violence of unimaginable horror.

“We have come to expect such bad judgement from these campaigners. Threatening posters and leaflets make claims about Turkey and Turkish Muslims that are not only untrue but also intentionally designed to fan the flames of hatred.

“The racist dog-whistle is growing into a foghorn. I am seriously concerned about the social cohesion of Britain after the referendum, whatever the result.

“I was delighted to visit the London Central Mosque and to mark Ramadan. I was keen to emphasise the importance of Britons, of all faiths and of none, working together to build a united society.”

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