TVB Talent Hunt Finalist – Bruce Chong

Introducing TVB TALENT HUNT 2012 finalist ‘Bruce Chong’! He is a proud British Born Chinese (BBC) based in London. Although being brought up in the heart of East London, Hackney, he has remained true to his roots and is fully in touch with the rich and cultural background of his Chinese heritage. He admits “I like to indulge when having dim-sum and love to eat Char Siu Baos!”

Bruce has graduated in Business Management at the University of Westminster this June. However, he is now pursuing his passion in show business and says “I have always had a passion for performing arts and studied it during high school. Now that after I graduated, the flame has re-ignited in me to represent BBCs and break it through into the mainstream UK TV/FILM industry. Currently, we are under-represented. However, the talent is out there, and the TVB TALENT HUNT 2012 is a stepping stone for us to showcase our talents.”


More recently, Bruce has worked very closely with British Chinese Television (BCTV) to perform a Mid-Autumn Festival Event in celebration of Chinese Mooncake Day. In the programme, he played the lead ‘Houyi’ – a story based on the origin of Mooncake Day.


He is in the TOP 5 and is in need of the BBC community to support him to win TVB TALENT HUNT 2012!

“To win this contest would mean more than just a win; I’ll like to represent more than just myself and start to bring the BBC community into the spotlight!”

VOTE FOR BRUCE CHONG TO WIN! There are only 6 more days!



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