TVB Talent Hunt Finalist Kamay Kan 2012

One of the 5 finalists from TVB Talent Hunt Contest 2012, Kamay Kan (also known as Yamak Nak) is a multi-talented actress/model. She has developed a strong passion for performing arts at a very young age and has participated in school concerts as well as theatre competitions since the age of 11. This has built a strong foundation to her current success in the TV/film industry. 

After graduating with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Kings College London in 2011, Kamay was scouted by a filming agency, which led her to taking a lead role in a HSBC worldwide commercial. She has also done modelling work around Europe for a holiday brochure and has modeled for high street fashion and other well-known companies. Most recently, Kamay has participated at the British Chinese Television’s (BCTV) Mid-autumn Festival Play where she played the female lead ‘Change E’.


With a young, vibrant character and being fluent in both Cantonese and English, she has been given many presenting/hosting opportunities in Chinese community centres across London. She says “I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life. They always inspire me and teach me something new each time. Making it to the Top 5 in the TVB Talent Hunt Contest is without doubt going to provide many exciting opportunities and valuable experiences.’


In her free time, Kamay enjoys baking and playing the piano. She has participated in many charity cake sales and is currently teaching young children piano. Please show your support to this multi-talented finalist by voting today.


“Thank you all for the support. It will mean a lot to win this contest, so please take a moment to vote for me. Voting ends 15th Oct!”


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